An engaged workplace is one in which the organization’s mission, vision, and values are demonstrated consistently and naturally. In this kind of work environment employee performance, involvement, and loyalty are high and customer satisfaction is the primary focus of the entire team.

Based on a combined 40 years with Walt Disney World along with many years of consulting with organizations around the world, Louie Gravance and Dennis Snow will provide a how-to program for creating and sustaining a high performing organizational culture.

Modules will include:


The opening segment focuses on the vital role an organization’s leaders play in building and sustaining a culture of service excellence.During this segment we will discuss:

  • Purpose of the program
  • Louie Gravance & Dennis Snow experience with Disney
  • The Business Case for employee engagement
  • Group Activity: The Loyalty-Profit Chain
    • This activity demonstrates the vital connection between the employee experience, the customer experience, and the business results

A clearly defined culture is the foundation of any high performing organization. The good news is that defining a desired organizational culture doesn’t have to be complicated. You just need a framework to guide you through the process.During this segment we will discuss:

  • Identifying the experience you want for any customer (internal or external) interaction
  • Defining the experience in terms of employee behaviors
  • Examples of behaviors that demonstrate “inculturated” service excellence
  • Group Activity: Identify the Ideal Internal/External Customer Experience and the Employee Performance Needed to Deliver that Experience

This segment focuses on developing strategies for keeping the organization’s mission, vision, and values constantly in front of the team. A single meeting, training program, or memo won’t accomplish the job; ongoing reinforcement is vital. World-class organizations never assume that everyone on the team “gets it.”During this segment we will discuss:

  • Recruiting and hiring applicants who are likely to live the organization’s values
  • Training processes that reinforce the organization’s culture
  • Communication strategies that keep core cultural elements on everyone’s radar screen
  • Group Activity: Identifying Strategies for Reinforcing the Desired Culture

This segment focuses on engaging all employees in continually raising the bar of organizational performance. There may have been a time when the leader had the answers to every business issue that would arise. Due to changing customer expectations and competition, those days are over. Today’s leaders must rely on the skills of a facilitator and idea champion.

During this segment we will discuss:

  • The leader’s role in creating a culture in which associates want to participate in the forward movement of the organization
  • Specific leadership tools for encouraging continuous improvement
  • Examples of the results of involving the team

This segment focuses on ensuring organizational values are “non-negotiable.” The main reason many initiatives fail to achieve the desired results is due to a lack of true accountability. In order for an organization to truly “inculturate” its values, all accountability tools must be in alignment with those values.During this segment we will discuss:

  • What true accountability is, and is not
  • Using formal and informal accountability tools effectively
  • A five-step coaching process for addressing service issues
  • Recognition and celebration as a component of accountability

This segment focuses on performance techniques utilized to tell a company’s “story” on a daily basis and the concept of all business being show business.During this segment we will discuss:

  • Turning sticks into wands by way of the Harry Potter brand
  • Reinforcing “GOOD SHOW / BAD SHOW.”
  • The different worlds of onstage and offstage
Putting it Together

This segment brings everything together in a hands-on activity allowing participants to build their own Epcot “pavilions” as a means of communicating an organization’s values, culture and narrative. Working in groups, each table will utilize simple tools and objects (Tinkertoys or Legos, construction paper, scissors and tape) and will use imagination and team effort to build a representation of what their brand represents.During this segment we will discuss:

  • Using language as a tool
  • Consistency of messaging
  • Having fun building a narrative!